About Us

Welcome to Greenfield Mowers

Since 1966 Greenfield has been a proud family-owned Australian business. We have supplied generations with built to last mowers. Many of our ride-on mowers have become heirlooms for owners throughout the country. We know that Australian conditions are some of the toughest in the world and we keep this in mind when we develop our products.  Greenfield can guarantee that our mowers will work efficiently even if the grass is up to three feet high. “We don’t just mow lawns we cut grass”

5 Year Warranty

We are so confident in the integrity of our machines that we have put our money where our mouth is. We offer a 5 year warranty on our ride on mower range, longer than many of our competitors. We also keep OE parts for 20 years so even if you own a mower from the 90’s we will still have the parts to help you fix it. Many old Greenfields are actually restored by the children and grandchildren of the original owners and the demand for OE parts is quite high.  In fact, old Greenfields still command an above average resale value in the second hand market. Original Equipment (OE) Greenfield parts are readily available from authorized dealers throughout Australia. Greenfields are designed with the Australian environment in mind. We know that to survive in Australia our machines need to be strong, tough, long lasting and easy to maintain. This was a founding ideal of Greenfield and that still rings true 50 years later.

Built to last

What distinguishes our mowers is our metal paneling.  Instead of the plastic that many competitors use our ride-on mowers are made out of welded metal paneling, which ensures their integrity. The chassis is 2.5mm welded and in stressed areas up to 4mm, this is a lot thicker than many of our competitors. It helps us to guarantee a strong end product. All of our panels are zincaneal treated guaranteeing a rust free mower for decades to come. In fact we know that we have customers that are still riding mowers purchased in 1978. All Greenfields are quality assured throughout various stages of manufacturing and tested prior to shipment. We offer a 5 year warranty on our complete range of ride on mowers such is the confidence we have in our product.