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In 1965 Theo Reinhold had an idea, to build a ride-on lawn mower that understood the Australian conditions.

LIVING in the western suburbs of Brisbane, Theo saw the need for a better way to mow the acreage properties that surrounded him.  He set about designing and building what was to become the iconic Greenfield ride-on lawn mower, using the hills of the western suburbs as his inspiration.

Theo had a love for anything mechanical and it inspired him to find new solutions for old problems.  Rather than using complicated gearboxes to power the machine, he designed the Greenfield Drive System. This gave the machine the power to climb hills, but still mow effectively and more importantly, efficiently.  The patented Greenfield Drive System is still used to this day.

Greenfield ride-on mowers rolled off the line for the first time in 1966 with a reputation for power and versatility growing its demand faster than Theo ever expected. Because the Greenfield was simple, and most importantly, built with good old Australian ingenuity, the reputation of the mighty Greenfield ride-on soon reached far and wide.

60 years on, Greenfield is one of the last Australian Made lawn and garden care manufacturers still in operation. Our products are manufactured right here in Queensland at our Rocklea manufacturing facility. Every Greenfield that passes through our doors is ingrained with the original principles and ideas that built Greenfield all those years ago.

Greenfield’s are built to last. For over 60 years we have always strived to build quality products, designed to keep going and going. In fact, you’ll find some of those original Greenfield’s mowing lawns today – with many having been handed down to the next generation of Greenfield ride-on lawn mower lovers.

With such a rich history supported by a strong product line, it’s not hard to see why NOTHING CUTS LIKE A GREENFIELD!


(Picture: Lewis Reinhold, son of Theo Reinhold and current managing direct of Greenfield, 2017)

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